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I usually need to use methods of Joomla’s JURI class. And I always switch JURI::base() with JURI::root() and I always have the problem how to get current URL. So I wrote this post to make clear which method does what. I hope I save time to myself in the future, maybe someone else ass well. And maybe, I finally memorize it but I don’t give much hope to this one. I explain it at this website URL to make it clear.


JURI::base() returns string ‘’ at frontend and ‘’ at backend.

JURI::base(true) returns empty string ” at frontend and string ‘/administrator’ at backend.




This is the right answer to often asked question “how to get the domain?”.

JURI::root() returns string ‘’ at frontend and ‘’ at backend as well.




This is tricky method. At documentation is written “returns the current request URI without the query or fragment parts”. Example:

If you are at

JURI::current() returns string ‘’

If you are at

JURI::current() returns string ‘’.

If you want to get the real current URL……with the query and fragment, use this:


that returns string ‘’ for the example above.


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